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Why Shop Online Grocery from Freshy Store Haridwar?

Freshy StoreWhen we talk about grocery and household products, we always desire the freshest and good products. This is because stale products are not something we should consume. It is totally unhealthy and causes great harm to our digestive system. Therefore, it is definitely important to choose the best grocery products for ourselves.

The pandemic has created a total fuss in the whole world. The lockdown prevents us from going out, the production of goods has stopped since the onboarding labours are not allowed to work. Offices have closed and employees have been fired. Totally a critical situation prevailed.

Since it is important to consume healthy products, our Freshy Store team has taken a wonderful initiative to delivering the grocery products at your doorsteps in Haridwar. You do not have to put in any kind of effort. You just have to order your desired grocery product and wait for the fresh products to arrive within a couple of days.


We have a wide range of products in our online store. Given below are some classifications.

  • Home care products: We have the availability of home care materials such as detergent, fresheners, dishwasher as well as repellents. We have levied an offer of 10% off on all the home care products for sustainable usage by all kinds of people all over Haridwar. People all over Haridwar can enjoy various range of grocery products right around their doorstep.
  • Snacks and branded food: Freshy Store is on the number one when it comes to snacks and branded food. Nobody can dare to oppose my opinion on this aspect. Our company is marked with the availability of all kinds of branded food snacks. Different types and companies of noodles are available. Oats of different flavours as well as nutritional values are always available. Not only that, it is marked with the availability of namkeens such as bhujias and many more. You will have the privilege of ordering anything with an offer up to 20% off.
  • Staple crops: Staple crops play a very vital role in the maintenance of our daily diet. It is effective in enhancing our immune system as well. It contains great vitamins and minerals that are really healthy for our body. It moreover shapes and prepares our body for the better. Our Freshy Store provides freshly manufactured pulses, dals and rice products. You will also have the option of shopping a varied range of masalas and spices as well as different ingredients for cooking food. You will get up to 20% off on all staple items you order.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Well, we cannot deny that fruits and vegetables are a great source of protein and vitamins in our body. It is very crucial to consume the best of it. We have the availability of every kind of seasonal fruits and vegetables with the provision of an offer up to 20% off.
  • Dairy and bakery: We are marked with the production of high-quality dairy products and confectioneries. Dairy products include milk, paneer, Kesar etc. We have all of it available in our online shopping store. We even have cakes and biscuits available, both handmade and factory-made. The offer ranges up to 15% off.

Why Choosing Freshy Fresh to Doors?

  • Punctuality of delivery: Freshy Store is a wholesome application and the services provided by it is really very authentic. There is no scope of any fraud. You will get your online grocery order delivered to your doorsteps on the exact delivery date. There have been very rare cases noted where the delivery has been delayed that to the reason was either heavy rain or traffic.
  • Gentle behaviour of delivery executives: Our delivery partners are extremely polite and decent in terms of behaviour. You will never feel that they are trying to argue with you. They would always talk to you with respect and would never give you a single chance of any complaint and that is a whole-time assurance.
  • Multiple payment procedures: Since a lot of people are really not very comfortable in paying cash. Therefore, we have the provision of different payment methods. It includes google pay, Paytm and bank account transfer.


I hope the above illustration has helped you gain knowledge about our online grocery shopping app and its services. For further information, Please be continue to scroll our website…And also submit your best review on Google if you are satisfied with our services.

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